Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction
I am fascinated by the Law of Attraction. It is actually one of my favorite topics. Does it really work? Does like really attract like? Both of these are questions I once had and wanted to believe, but was deep down unsure and still had dots to connect. Even with books like The Secret, Think & Grow Rich, The Go Giver (click here to order these on DVD or in print) and many other fantastic books on the subject, I felt like I needed bonified proof. I wanted to know how long the law of attraction takes to work, does it work quicker for some people than others, how to really know that the Law of Attraction was being played out in every aspect of my life instead of pure coincidences, etc. Call it manifestation of a deep desire for proof or pure chance, but somehow the book "E-Squared" (click here for print version) by Pam Grout came into my life and poof...questions answered and proof given. For those of you who have watched The Secret, made vision boards, haven't seen your proof yet or just have questions surrounding the Law of Attraction, this book is for you!


E-Squared is a book of 9 short energy experiments that if done correctly, will leave you astounded at the Law of Attraction. My husband and I both read it at the same time so we could do the experiments together and although we each chose different things to "test", we both got results.

Proof of The Law of Attraction
I cannot say enough good about this book to my friends and Life Coaching clients who are doing all of the "right" things, but still having trouble putting their faith into the Law of Attraction. Regardless of what some reference websites say about there not being scientific proof of the Law of Attraction, I now know without a shadow of a doubt that like attracts like, that what we put out in the world, we get back, and that our thoughts become our reality. I no longer just read about the Law of Attraction and want to believe it or get into discussions with my friends about it as a theory. I now know it to be true.

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