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If you have read my book, The Truth About Baby Weight, then you know that one of the 6 Food Lifestyles I suggest for Postpartum women is Paleo.  As with all food lifestyles, there are pros and cons, however, for a lot of men and women, Paleo works wonders for their health.  My husband being one of them.  He gradually made the switch a few months ago and looks better than he has in years.  He feels fantastic and steadily losing weight.  

As happy as I am for him, I have struggled some with how cooking family meals.  He's Paleo, I'm Vegan and my son eats a little of both.  There are 3 cookbooks I have found to be most helpful, so I want to share them with all you Moms cooking for yourself and your families.

1.  Paleo Hacks
I cannot say enough good things about Paleo Hacks.  You can probably find some of their recipes online, but I say buy the book.  It has tons of great information in there that you will refer to repeatedly.  *Click here to order Paleo Hacks

2.  The Paleo Recipe Cookbook
This is a fantastic book for anyone starting a Paleo Food Lifestyle.  The recipes are easy to follow and pretty quick, which is always a plus for Moms.  *Click here to order The Paleo Recipe Cookbook

3.  1000 Paleo Recipes
As the title implies, there are a freaking ton of Paleo recipes in this book.  I have found plenty that my picky toddler loves and refer to this cookbook several times a week.  *Click here to order 1000 Paleo Recipes

I will add more as I find them, but for now, these 3 rank tops on my list.  Enjoy!

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