Palette of the Month...August

Color (or lack of it) has such an effect on us.  The colors surrounding you, the colors you wear, even the colors of where you frequent.  If you don't realize the full effect, then start noticing if you feel lighter or heavier in the presence of certain wall colors. 

I will never forget walking into the house I now live in and the walls were bright red and bright yellow.  It looked and felt like mustard and ketchup had exploded in every room.  It was the furthest thing from soothing.  However, I could see that the bones of the house were full of character and the wall colors could easily be changed.  In fact, I didn't even move in until the whole house had been re-painted a subtle, soothing gray (Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore).

Which brings me to today's blog and this month's color palette - subtle grays, soft ivories, rose-toned pinks and antique pewter finishes.

Wear it, surround yourself with it and absorb the calming effect this color combination has to offer.  

Makeup-wise, choose from this collection.  For the home, choose from this one.


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