#10 - Concealer & Foundation Brush

#10 - Concealer & Foundation Brush

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What It Is:
Essential complexion and contour face brushes that deliver perfect, even pigment without looking overdone.

Brush #10 - Concealer & Foundation
Get ultimate concealer and foundation coverage with Holly Doss Brush #10. Dispensing the perfect amount of product onto face, this brush covers when using to conceal and creates a flawless, second-skin effect when used with any Holly Doss Liquid Foundation.

Designed with perfectly packed bristles, Brush #10 is a flat brush that is slightly rounded at the edges to precisely sweep product along the curves of the face—ensuring deluxe application for a flawless makeup look.

Interesting Fact(s):
*Holly worked with a brush maker for almost 2 years to create the perfect set of face and eye brushes.
*The original 11 brushes still complete the Holly Doss Brush Collection.