The Only Program That Addresses
All 6 Components of Post-Pregnancy(s) Weight Loss

*The Truth About Baby Weight is now offered as one complete Program, which includes the latest research on Post-Pregnancy Cellulite.  The Complete Program/E-Package is recommended for ultimate (and fastest) results - especially if you have new or increased cellulite, particularly on your arms & outer thighs.

For a limited time, the ebook is still available on the following platforms: iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles Nook and Smashwords

(Over 5,400 Moms downloaded or enrolled to date)

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"I have a 10 year postpartum body!  Yes I said it my baby is 10!! This has changed my life! Just by getting my vitamins right I have energy now that I haven't seen since my first child 17 years ago!! Thank you, you truly have changed my life! God bless you!"  - MonsterKatie

"The Truth About Baby Weight gave me so much information after having baby #2 that no one else tells you, or even knows for that matter. I gained 60lbs with my first child & could hardly lose an ounce of weight. 2 years later I had my second child. After following these steps, I have lost 30lbs in 3months already & am getting my "old" body back. The information given to us from the author is priceless & would have saved me hundreds of dollars if I would have found it sooner." - SAY06

Amazing!!  The author is so relatable and answers every email, question or concern you could have throughout the course.  And, it is written in a way that it is like you are talking to your best friend and not reading a self-help lesson! I have always considered myself a fairly healthy person and even bounced right back after having my first baby. After having my second baby was a completely different ball game though. Nothing seemed to be working to get back to my prebaby body. This completely changed that!! I have followed her steps and figured out so much about myself. I feel like I am the healthiest, and in the best shape, that I have ever been in!  - Lacey

"I am a trainer in L.A. and knowing from experience that diet and exercise alone don't always help my Clients shed pregnancy weight, I bought this on a whim to help a Client prepare quickly for a role after she gave birth. Thankfully, I did too. She was one of the ones who would not have gotten back in her clothes with diet and exercise alone, and would have ended up frustrated and stressed out. We saw miracles in her body happen fast and I fully give this credit for the help I could not provide. Thank you Truth About Baby Weight!! " - nabans95

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