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TTABW Affiliate Program I pay 75% commission to Affiliates for my Program that is currently converting at 56.84%. That is super HIGH and I would love for you to make money by selling it too!

Dear affiliate marketers and fitness entrepreneurs, Make 75% of every sale paid out to you when you promote the The Truth About Baby Weight Postpartum Fat Loss Program. Like I said above, this Program is currently converting at 56.84%, meaning that every other woman who visits my landing page, goes through with her purchase. Did you know that there are upwards of 386,000 unique searches/day for the phrase 'how to really lose baby weight'? There are also 3 babies born every second, of every day. To say this Program is timeless (and will make you rich through continued Affiliate sales), is a complete understatement. Although the content is the same, I carefully tested titles, covers, landing pages and ads for 6 months and on my own dime before creating this Affiliate Program. I wanted to make sure that I had conversions down to a science and could properly equip my Affiliates with the tools necessary to make a fortune selling my Program. Now that I have figured out what works and what does not, I'm pleased to offer you 75% commission of every sale when you promote The Truth About Baby Weight.

Why This Program Will Make You Rich...

Why This Program Will Make Your Rich If you currently have a client list, an on-line newsletter, a website, a blog, forum, write on-line articles, or do PPC marketing, you can easily make money by promoting my Postpartum Fat Loss Program. As a matter of fact, if you utilize the marketing tools I provide at the bottom of this page, you'll learn how to sell 1000's of these per month, thus making a significant income as an Affiliate Marketer. I know that may sound like a lot, but considering that there are almost 400,000 unique searches/day on how to really lose baby weight and not another single Program responding to that search other than this one, these are attainable figures. The Truth About Baby Weight is already helping thousands of women lose the weight gained from their pregnancies, get back into their clothes, restore and renew their energy levels and self-confidence. To be honest, it is simply because it works. Due to my own frustrating Postpartum weight loss journey, I spent 2 years searching high and low for answers to losing the baby weight and finally found the magic formula. As it turns out, my findings did not involve Celebrity endorsements, products or potions, but that there are 6 contributing factors that make Postpartum weight loss happen. If even one of these crucial components goes unaddressed, Postpartum weight loss is not likely to occur. This is why 99% of women struggle with less than 10 lbs. of leftover baby weight. In my Program, The Truth About Baby Weight, I reveal those 6 components (that ultimately flush Postpartum fat) and I address every single one of them in full, resourceful detail. Everything from Postpartum nutritional deficiencies to which foods and workouts most encourage Postpartum fat loss to cleansing and detoxifying Postpartum organs, I know what works and what does not work. In my Program, I perfectly spell out the truth about what it really takes to lose the baby weight. Affiliates I Am Looking For: This Program is incredibly important for a lot of reasons, mainly because women don't know who or what to believe anymore where Postpartum weight loss is concerned. With all of the Celebrity endorsements, products, formulas, potions, pills and plans, it is no wonder the topic 'how to really lose baby weight' is so heavily searched. My mission is to help these women, so I am looking for honest, trustworthy and genuine people to help spread the word and promote my Program, while earning money for both of us at the same time. Just think of all of the women you will help by providing a link to the truth about baby weight. How To Become An Affiliate If you are interested in becoming a Clickbank Affiliate of The Truth About Baby Weight by Holly Doss, here is the basic info: It is FREE to become an Affiliate and only takes about 2 minutes to register and get your Affiliate link. If you already have a Clickbank Account, your Affiliate Link for this Program will be: (be sure to replace USERID with your account nickname) You will make 75% commission on all sales that originate from your specific link; tracking is done automatically by Clickbank. This means that you will earn $74.25 per sale that YOU make at the current $99.00 eCourse price (after Clickbank takes a small fee). You don't need to worry about file delivery, customer questions, or anything at all...just promote your link and any sales you refer, you will receive checks in the mail every 2 weeks from Clickbank. You can use your Clickbank affiliate link however you'd like to promote The Truth About Baby Weight. However, you cannot spam! It is bad karma and I don't want to be associated in any way with dishonest or immoral people. You can use an opt-in mailing list, a website, a social media following (such as fanpage), a free blog or forum, article marketing, a pay-per-click campaign, or even just emails to your friends/colleagues to promote your link and make commissions, just keep it honest! Feel free to email my support staff at info(at) to further discuss promotional ideas. CLICK HERE to configure your Clickbank hoplink for The Truth About Baby Weight Program to get started promoting and making money right away. If you don't currently have a Clickbank account, it's easy to get started. Just click on the link above to configure your link, but then go to where it says "Click here to sign up first". Here are some helpful Affiliate tools that you may use with your Affiliate links as you promote The Truth About Baby Weight: Sending You All Love & Light As You Start or Continue Your Affiliate Journey, Holly Doss Author of The Truth About Baby Weight (the only Program on how to really lose the baby weight)

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