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If you are reading this, then you are seeking the same answers I was several years ago.  You are longing for your body back and are frustrated with trying everything to no avail.

Well, let me tell you what I now know to be true....

That the Post-Pregnancy weight loss rules are very different than those of an every day plan.  In order to lose weight gained from pregnancy, you must address 6 things that can cause it to linger for years if left unaddressed.  Six things that are unfortunately, not mainstream or easy to come by.

That's why I started The Truth About Baby share everything I learned with other Moms.  To create a space where the information is available.

Make no mistake. There are products out there that effectively target a single cause of lingering baby weight.  And many of these products use the same (mostly unsuccessful) post-pregnancy weight loss approaches like diet and exercise.  But nothing pieces together the 6 crucial components of post-pregnancy weight loss necessary to truly get off the leftover pregnancy pounds.

The week that I started addressing each issue on a daily basis, the last few pounds melted off.  And before I knew it, I was back in my skinniest, size 2, pre-baby jeans feeling and looking like myself again.  My energy and confidence increased, and I am definitely a better Wife & Mother as a result.  And a sexier one too :).

To be brutally honest, I was miserable with the lingering weight and it was taking a toll on my roles at home.  I was angry that my hard work wasn't paying off and the frustration was turning me into someone I didn't recognize.  I just didn't feel like myself anymore and that was hard on everyone around me.

Had I had known then what I know now, I would've gotten my body (and my sanity) back much sooner than those 2 long years.

Bottom Line:  By hitting all six causes of lingering baby weight where it counts on a daily basis, postpartum fat, water retention & cellulite doesn't stand a chance.

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Brought To You By Beverly Hills CEO, Life Coach, Author and Mom, Holly Doss.

Want to Lose Leftover Pregnancy Weight and Get Your Body Back? Download This Program!

But first

desaturated.originalAbout Holly and This AMAZING Training.

Celebrity Life Coach Spills The Beans.

d319205b-fd7ab3932dd8b9ae5ff8497bf3f7e9c5_0az0bi0ak0bf000000The Truth About Baby Weight gave me so much information after having baby #2 that no one else tells you, or even knows for that matter. I gained 60lbs with my first child & could hardly lose an ounce of weight. 2 years later I had my second child. After following these steps, I have lost 30lbs in 3months already & am getting my "old" body back. The information given to us from the author, Holly Doss, is priceless & would have saved me hundreds of dollars if I would have found it sooner.  - SAY06

"I have a 10 year postpartum body!  Yes I said it my baby is 10!! This has changed my life! Just by getting my vitamins right I have energy now that I haven't seen since my first child 17 years ago!! Thank you, you truly have changed my life! God bless you!"  - MonsterKatie

So What's Included In The Truth About Baby Weight?

What You Must Do To Lose Leftover Baby Weight The Truth About Baby Weight covers the 6 most crucial elements of losing the baby weight. This is the difference between those who actually lose the weight and those who “keep dieting & exercising”, but never really get their bodies back. The One Thing You Can Do TODAY For The Biggest Fat Loss Kickstart Right off the bat, you will obtain simple action steps to maximize your weight loss. Clearly laid out- if you just follow the steps that other successful, super hot Moms have taken, you can’t help but to lose weight. It’s really that simple. The Simple Strategy To Skyrocket Your Weight Loss Success The Truth About Baby Weight covers 1 strategy that I (and many others) have used to lose the leftover pregnancy weight in record time. It’s so easy to implement, you might even ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that??”. How To Leverage Your Smarts As A Mom For An Unfair Advantage Over and above everything else you will learn, these lessons go into why your mindset is a fundamental driver in your success. PLUS, why 99% of Moms are sabotaging their weight loss and how you can avoid this huge mistake.

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"This is fantastic. I'm 4 years postpartum and in pretty good shape, but have those nagging last few pounds keeping me just on the wrong side of feeling great. I've read a lot of nutrition/health info and this is THE BEST. I didn't get bogged down in technical stuff, instead, I got a great education about some basic working principles of my body quickly and in a way I could understand and USE. What's more it's funny. The authors voice is clear as a bell and she's hilarious and passionate about giving us all our bodies, health and confidence back. Loved it, highly recommend it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read every lesson again."  - headtart Amazing!!  The author is so relatable and answers every email, question or concern you could have throughout the course.  And, it is written in a way that it is like you are talking to your best friend and not reading a self-help lesson! I have always considered myself a fairly healthy person and even bounced right back after having my first baby. After having my second baby was a completely different ball game though. Nothing seemed to be working to get back to my prebaby body. This completely changed that!! I have followed her steps and figured out so much about myself. I feel like I am the healthiest, and in the best shape, that I have ever been in!  - Lacey "I am a trainer in L.A. and knowing from experience that diet and exercise alone don't always help my Clients shed pregnancy weight, I bought this on a whim to help a Client prepare quickly for a role after she gave birth. Thankfully, I did too. She was one of the ones who would not have gotten back in her clothes with diet and exercise alone, and would have ended up frustrated and stressed out. We saw miracles in her body happen fast and I fully give this credit for the help I could not provide. Thank you Truth About Baby Weight!! " - nabans95 "This book helped my wife get through a very difficult time after having our baby. She suffered a period of depression and was discouraged by the weight she had gained when carrying our beautiful little boy. Now she is back to her normal self and had lost most of the weight she had gained and had that kick in her step that she had once before. Now we have shared this wonderful book with my sister who recently gave birth to a little girl and just began her journey back to herself as well. Thank you Holly Doss for sharing your experience, your research and your knowledge to help women through a beautiful time in their life but a tough one. You are commended for your work. God bless you." - S. Spears "As i first read reviews i was a little hesitant and didn't believe there was something out there as fantastic and exclusive as the book claimed to be but i was desperate so i figured the 4 dollars was a good gamble. I started reading it as soon as the download completed and couldn't put it down. Between the kids nap times and meals i finished it in one day. It is filled with a lot of very useful information, strategy, and technique. Not once did i cringe or scoff at what the author had to say ;)" - Unknown "I have read A LOT of diet books. This one truly offers every single thing you need to know on how to lose weight. It goes over pretty much every diet we have all heard of. Great source of info. Going to try many things she has suggested. Get the book." - Danielle "After my second child, no matter what I did I couldn’t lose the baby weight. Once I got to Chapter 5 I had realized the things I had been doing wrong. I’ve made changes and already seeing results. Thank you for the amazing secrets in this book!" - Hayley N. "Finally a book with information that really works! I’ve looked through numerous quick help guides with no success, but with these techniques I am already seeing results. Thank you Holly Doss!!!!" - Belle

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