How To Lose Stubborn, Leftover Pregnancy Weight


Before learning what it would really take to lose those last few pounds, I tried and failed at many things for 2 years. Make no mistake- I ate perfect and worked out daily, but that wasn't enough.  So off I went on the most frustrating journey of my life...

I did the Waterfall Diet, saw a Chinese Herbalist, took Dandelion, sat in hot saunas, went low sodium, lowered my carbs, upped my carbs, wore a sweat belt while exercising, was hypnotized, did hot yoga, ate asparagus and parsley and drank celery juice and detox teas. I went from Paleo back to Vegan, then to Paleo again with cheese. I followed the 4 Hour Body, Atkins and South Beach. I kick boxed, lifted weights, walked and ran. I utilized my resources and consulted with Celebrity Trainers and Nutritionists. I even sought the Medical advice of a Hormone Specialist, Internist and Endocrinologist in an attempt to check for other underlying, more serious causes of water retention. I had blood work done, got tested for food allergies and even applied Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. If someone or something promised to get rid of my water retention or Postpartum fat, then I tried it. As fate would have it, not a single one of these triggered the weight to budge more than a pound. Not a single, f***ing pound. Little did I know at the time, but I was treating the extra weight like it was the same kind of weight gained from overeating or a sedentary lifestyle.  When in fact, it was very, very different.  Once I learned what all my post-pregnancy weight was comprised of, I was able to treat it as such and the excess weight fell off seemingly overnight. Upon figuring out truth about post-pregnancy weight, I knew that it was my duty to share the information with other Moms, so that's what I'm doing.  If you want to learn how I finally (and quickly) shed the pounds leftover from pregnancy, click here to keep reading >>

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