Step One: Nutritional Deficiencies

A Postpartum body’s weight loss journey begins on an entirely different starting line than from someone who got that way from eating too many Twinkies. A newly Postpartum body is Vitamin and Mineral deficient in key minerals after pregnancy, which causes extra water retention and not the kind that can be lost on the Atkins Diet. A Postpartum, Vitamin/Mineral deficient body has to be restored and balanced back to its normal state before true weight loss can take place.

Sadly, this is overlooked a great deal of the time by Doctors because the symptoms of Vitamin/Mineral deficiency are very similar to those of PMS or ‘Postpartum Blues’- bloating, hair loss, mood swings, mental anguish, weight fluctuations, etc. If only women knew to load up on several key supplements immediately after giving birth, they would experience these symptoms to a much lesser degree. Hormonal changes Postpartum are inevitable, but Vitamin and Mineral deficiency symptoms do not have to be endured. Not only does the untreated deficiency wreak havoc on your mental state, energy levels and general well-being, but it causes unnecessary water retention, which is very uncomfortable. I don’t about you, but I was plenty uncomfortable Postpartum and would have loved a little relief on the water retention side. Not to mention that water retention caused by Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies (which masks as fat) that can take up to 4 + years to lose if left untreated. Hear very clearly - You MUST supplement daily with a specific set of minerals, in exact doses, in order for your Postpartum body to begin its rightful journey back to its normal state.

I am not saying that all water retention and bloating are the result of Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies, but I am saying the kind caused by these deficiencies is impossible to get rid of without replenishing. If you are bloated from too much sodium, lack of exercise, etc., then treat those accordingly. However, if you have ever had a kid(s), then save yourself a ton of time, frustration and mental agony by supplementing with this magic supplement immediately:


Baby Mama's Ultra Restore combines a pharmaceutical grade level of the exact minerals, in the exact ratios, that gets the job done.


During my 2 year research, I literally tried thousands of brands and products and nothing compared.  If you want to change your body, do not try to skimp and go self-prescribing.  In the long run, you will be so glad you gave your body the exact ratios it craved.

Baby Mama's Ultra Restore Available here *I do not think they are on Amazon, but you can try.

*Since completing this research, I have also found that a particular multi-mineral speeds up the weight loss process even more when combined with Mega Mama Ultra Restore.  It is:

Source Naturals Mega-One Multi-Minerals Available here or Amazon *Please be on the lookout for a link in your inbox to Step Two.  If you have gmail, you may find that the emails are automatically sent to your promotions folder.  If you do not receive Step Two within 7 days of your purchase, please contact us at info(at)

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