Episode 5: When To Leave A Relationship - Get Over The Fear & Honor Your Soul

Episode 5: When To Leave A Relationship - Get Over The Fear & Honor Your Soul

Episode Summary:
Join me today as I share how one Client's refusal to be alone and face his childhood pain, led him to ignore his intuition and enter into a marriage with someone he did not love. Now, years later, he is ready to overcome his fears, let go of feeling like a failure and ultimately, end his marriage.

His inspiring story shines the light on how his deepest fears and limited beliefs kept him from honoring the whispers and how it almost cost him everything...

Episode Excerpt:
Right now, I have a Client, his name is Cameron, who RECENTLY ignored his intuition years ago and married someone he didn’t love to, in his words, “avoid being alone”.

Cameron had a rough childhood, but on the outside, he seemed to manage just fine as an adult. He achieved success fairly quickly and began accumulating great wealth fairly early in his career.  He also had plenty of friends and hobbies that he seemed to enjoy.

But relationship-wise, he often stayed in them too long or only left when someone else was waiting in the wings.

On the outside, you would wonder why. He had the resources to deal with his his issues, but he refused to go there.  He not only refused to go there, he ignored all of the whispers during his engagement to his current wife.

He ignored the whispers of them having nothing in common, of her having ulterior motives regarding his financial status, of her controlling and manipulative behaviors that were causing isolation from his family and friends.

He ignored the whispers and betrayed his soul’s chance at advancement because of the FEAR OF BEING ALONE AND FACING LOSS, ISSUES AND HIMSELF.

Now here he is, miserably married to someone equally as miserable, and wants a divorce, but keeps himself from filing because guess what?



So in this episode, we are going to talk about when fear keeps you from honoring your soul and intuition in a relationship because we all know that Intuition is God’s whisper and relationships are best learned from when following those whispers.

To go against a whisper, is to choose avoidance over a path to advancement.

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