Episode 4: Signs From Spirit Guides, Angels & Departed Loved Ones

Episode 4: Signs From Spirit Guides, Angels & Departed Loved Ones

Episode Summary:
In today's episode, I discuss my fears surroung Gabby Petito's relationship, as I send my hope for signs from Gabby to her Mom and all who loved her.

I also share my research and experience with receiving signs from the spirit realm. I also share personal examples of signs I have received from my Mom since she passed away 11 years ago.

Episode Excerpt:
...and as soon as they walked in and met Jenny for the first time, Jenny looked directly at my Grandmother and said, you have a strong, strong angel surrounding you and if you’ll have a seat, I would like to find out more while his energy is here.

So, they sat down, Jenny closed her eyes and began describing my Grandmother’s, “Guardian Angel”.

Jenny described him as large, chiseled bone structure, see through eyes, jet black hair….

Just as my Grandmother was about to blurt out, ‘was his name Michael?’, Jenny said, ‘his name is Michael, but spelled eall instead of ael.

Then Jenny asked my Grandmother if she ever felt she had ‘help’ here…

Not able to contain herself any longer, my Grandmother burst into tears and said, ‘yes’.


Now, I was a young teenager when they took that trip, but I will never forget them coming back and telling us that story.

That series of my Grandmother’s experiences really set me on a deep spiritual, soul search.

I immediately started asking my Mom to get books on Angels and signs, and started practicing Yoga, Meditation and we had hours long talks about divine intervention.

And it was during those years of study that Mom and I promised each other that if God forbid, something take us away from each other, we would send signs to the other one.

Well, 11 years ago, my Mom dropped her earthly body and yall, she kept her promise.

I am going to tell you some jaw dropping stories.


My point in discussing signs today, is because there comes a point in all of our lives when we lose people we love or go through something scary or extremely difficult. And a sign from ta Guardian Angel or a departed loved one, even if just a tiny synchronicity, would provide so much comfort.

So my hope is to meet you where you are in your sign journey and provide some tools to help you be able to better RECEIVE them and then once you’re there, how to RECOGNIZE them.


So in this episode, we’re going to be talking about ego identities and how to locate yours and then how to let them go.

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