Episode 6: Rise Up & Raise Your Frequency

Episode 6: Rise Up & Raise Your Frequency

Episode Summary:

Join me today as I share my thoughts on the bigger message behind the Pandemic and learn how to break free from fear, doubt, worry and lack.

Episode Excerpt:

MOST people, maybe even you, have succumb to fear, doubt, lack and worry.  

MOST people have taken a side on all the hot topics, as opposed to playing bigger than the low-vibrating government and media.  

As a society, we’ve allowed low-vibrating entities into our minds.  To the point that thoughts are consumed with imagined, horrific scenarios that just play over and over and over again.  

People are regularly REHEARSING fear-based events to the point that they are in danger of actually bringing it to them, because you imprint a vision in your mind enough, it will eventually come to you.

And we are going to talk about using that law to your advantage in a few minutes, but if you’ve fallen prey to the habit or the addiction to fear, doubt, lack and worry, then let’s open your awareness to a place of what ELSE is possible?

Let’s get you to a place of accepting and loving others so much that you let THEM choose for themselves what to do with

- THEIR lives,

- THEIR earthly bodies.  

Let’s get you to such a place of awareness that you stop listening to media,

- That you stop hanging around low-vibrating individuals,

Let’s get you to a place where you only allow in what you want to experience.

And how do you do that?

Lean how in this week's episode.  Start listening by clicking here >>.