Episode 2: Foster-Adopt Journey & Open Adoptions

Episode 2: Foster-Adopt Journey & Open Adoptions

Episode Summary:
In today's episode, I share my very hard, but very rewarding journey into the Foster-Adopt world. My main goal is to help you clarify if adopting from Foster Care is right for you and if so, how to navigate through one of the biggest journeys of your lifetime.

Episode Excerpt:
Looking back, I know that my Mom was likely feeling what my husband and I felt about our son in HIS earliest years of life- FEAR.

Fear of bringing another child or children into our safe, happy home and the new child causing hurt or harm to our son.

Nevertheless, as a child, I just knew that if my parents didn’t end up taking them home to live with us, then I would grow up and take them home then.

And so I did.

Now, not everyone knows this from an early age. Don’t think that is the prerequisite here. A lot of truly amazing foster adopt parents I know, came upon the realization later on in life after hearing statistics in their area or maybe they saw someone else have a positive experience with it or wanted to start or grow a family through the system. There are all sorts of ways and times in your life when the calling strikes, but the important thing to note here, is that if you feel led, then it is something you should pay attention to and NOT put off.

Yes, it is scary and nothing is guaranteed, but the outcome is not the point.

The point is, that you want to love and care for a child or children from a hard place and the journey is unwritten.


So in this episode, I share the 3 biggest lessons I wish had known before diving into the Foster Parent world and share our journey into one case that led to an open Adoption.

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